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A series of measures adopted in recent years to prevent and combat terrorist acts in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region in accordance with the law have stabilized the situation to the benefit of local people.

In January, Shohrat Zakir, chairman of Xinjiang, vowed to make every effort to leave no gaps or blind spots in social security management, and ensure that key areas remain absolutely safe. Since then, security measures have been stepped up in key areas and border regions, and internet management has been overhauled to maintain social stability.

The region has also established a network of police outposts to enable security forces to react to incidents in key areas within seconds.

"Public security has improved notably since religious extremism was effectively contained in Hotan," said Gao Pengcai, a community official who heads an outpost in the center of Hotan city, on Oct 19.

"Our role has been transformed from security enforcement to working closely with community workers to better serve the public so we can help to solve problems before they escalate."

In the 12 months after the outpost was established in October 2016, officers responded to an average 10 thefts and muggings a day, said Cai Yong, a police officer who is second in command at the outpost. "Now we only deal with an average of two or three cases of disorderly conduct a day."

The speed of the officers" response isn"t measured in minutes, but in seconds, Cai said. "Members of the public have told me they feel safer than ever."

Technology has also been developed to help officers react to emergencies as quickly as possible, he added. For example, at the end of last year, officers were given access to a smartphone app that provides real-time information.

"Now we can be alerted the minute the 110 police emergency center receives a call made in the area around the outpost, rather than waiting for the center to refer the case to us. The app keeps us updated on the case wherever we are," Cai said.

During an interview with Xinhua News Agency on Oct 16, Shohrat Zakir said Xinjiang is generally stable as the situation is under control and improving. In the past 21 months, no terrorist attacks have occurred and the number of criminal cases, including those that endanger public security officers, has fallen significantly.

No matter where they are and irrespective of the time of day, the people of Xinjiang are no longer afraid to go out to shop, dine or travel, he added.

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